Praise for the ebooks given by tax professionals

  • Found it easy to read & very informative, & will definitely recommend the book & the website to clients.

    John Derek Thompson Accountant, Accounts Matters
  • Informative for tax professionals and the unrepresented alike – a great read.

    Chris Bale Director, TaxationWeb
  • Nick says a lot of things in the ebooks that many accountants and tax advisers would probably like to say to the Revenue just before they retired from the profession!

    Mark McLaughlin Managing Editor, TaxationWeb
  • The investigation system is weighted against the unrepresented taxpayer. This book does a great job in explaining the pitfalls.

    Nichola Ross Martin Director,
  • A good and easy to read guide for anyone caught up in an HMRC tax investigation. A must read for any Self Assessment taxpayer.

    Ken Frost, FCA Director, HMRC is Shite

Praise for the ebooks given by readers

  • Thank you Nick. Found the ebook really helpful. Thanks for writing it. Perhaps I'm going to come back to you re: tax expert free consultation?

  • Great Book!! I wish I’d known this information 6 years, 4 tax Inspectors and 2 Commissioners’ hearings ago!

    David C
  • Brilliant guide. Clear and is to the point, precisely what you need when you are pulling your hair out! Highly recommended!

    Wesley L
  • In late 2011 I received a startling phone call at my place of work from HMRC, claiming that I owed them £17,000 in unpaid taxes. I downloaded ‘Everything you wanted to know about Tax Investigation…‘. It was clear, concise and incredibly helpful. Today HMRC have dropped their case. Needless to say, I’m thrilled to put this whole affair behind me.

    Bill W
  • Penalties is a very handy companion to the Everything You Wanted to Know book.

    John D
  • Thank you! Very easy to read, unlike most things tax related!

    Dave P
  • Great Book!! I wish I’d known this information 6 years, 4 tax Inspectors and 2 Commissioners’ hearings ago!

    David C
  • I bought a copy of your book about 5 years ago, best money I ever spent, armed with that and a good accountant I was able to dodge the HMRC bullet. HMRC wanted to go back 43 years – I kid you not - they went into my dead mother and fathers accounts my wife’s accounts and also my dead mother and father in-laws accounts.On and on. They had every intention of bankrupting me. Thanks to your book they could not do it. The end result? They gave up and went away with nothing.

    Tony A

Praise for direct help

  • After 18 months of harassment it looks like ADR might be working for me as you suggested. They have indicated no penalties, no previous years and that I might owe the grand total of £340 plus interest. Thanks again for the book and your help!

    Dave A
  • Thanks chaps, I honestly don’t know what I’d have done without you!

    Ben W
  • What could have been quite complicated was sorted out with a small fine for being ‘careless’.

    Brian S
  • I had yet another of those brown HMRC envelopes today and braced myself for the worst. But guess what – they found that the penalty should be cancelled (or words to that effect)! In addition they also found that the reasons for not suspending were not valid, but as the penalty has been cancelled this isn’t applicable. I’m still quite stunned by it, somehow I didn’t believe that they would rule against their own officers, however inept and unfair they are. Thank you so much for all your help on this, it’s been such a help to have a sounding board. If you are ever in Lewis, please let me know and I’ll take you to lunch/dinner.

    Sarah W
  • I received a letter from Ms W yesterday afternoon saying that she has closed the compliance check into my tax affairs! I am so grateful to you - as without your kindness, endless patience and professional expertise this outcome would not have been achieved and could have potentially dragged on for years if I had been unrepresented. I'm still a bit shell-shocked that it is all over after such an intense few months (I thought it would drag on for a bit longer with HMRC wanting to go through absolutely everything with a fine tooth comb) but thanks to your help it seems common sense has prevailed and they had the sense to end the investigation now rather than continuing and looking increasingly foolish.

    Sarah T
  • Without the help of Tax-Hell I would not have been able to achieve the outcome I desired. In fact the eventual result was actually far better than I anything I could have imagined.

    Yaden F
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  • Zee

    Just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU for your site. It has proved extremely helpful and useful. I found you when looking up how to email HMRC. They don’t like emails! ….To explain: In 2014 I had a personal self assessment tax situation, which involved a tax accountant and an HMRC appointed manager to agree and finalise everything. After everything HMRC told me and my accountant I wouldn’t need to complete any more SA’s from then on. I even got a small compensation payment for all the grief at the time. … This year I received a £100 penalty notice for not sending in a SA. I tried to telephone but we all know how that goes. So I appealed online saying I didn’t need to send a SA. I got an automated email response saying they couldn’t consider my appeal without an SA being completed! Having tried the useless telephone system HMRC has I used the advice you gave re if you have a name of a person you can email them. I did so, including copying in the head of their complaints department. In less than 24hours HMRC was on the telephone to me apologising profusely for not having done their job! The email worked! They have promised they will rectify the situation, my accountant will monitor to make sure they do – this time! Thank you! Without your site and the advice you gave this situation would have been ping-ponging for a long time and I would have had more grief. Thank you for your help.

  • Andy

    I bought this book last night and read it straight away. It is superb value and my only regret is that I didn’t find it sooner. I am a self employed person who does my own tax return currently even though I keep meaning to get an accountant it seems to come round so fast every year!! (7 years and counting.!)

    I like to think I am honest but tax is so complex when you get into the minutae I am eternally paranoid that I may get something wrong and get picked up by HMRC for an innocent mistake (I haven’t made any yet..!). The horrors I have heard from people who have had every transaction in their lives dissected is what prompted me to arm myself as much as possible should the worst ever happen.

    For those under investigation, BUY IT. It will save you a fortune and also put you in a far stronger position than you would have been without it. It’s even worth buying if you have an expert on your side. £10 is peanuts compared to the costs that HMRC can and do impose on people. It will also provide some relief that they don’t actually have the powers they think they do! (or that people like myself thought they had).

    If you are just self employed and like me, paranoid about getting it right every year. BUY IT. It is a wealth of information, HMRC babble tranlsation (and information location) which is nigh on impossible for a non accountant from HMRC’s labyrinth of obfuscated web pages. The strongest selling point for this book is that it is written from experience of being under the HMRC cosh and you cannot value experience like that highly enough!

    My only negative is that the 3 book offer for half price wasn’t more prominent in the webshop or I would have bought them all at the same time!!!

    Keep up the good work Nick!

    • Nick Morgan

      Thanks, it’s always great to get feedback.
      Cheers Nick

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