Tax Investigation Customer Service: If HMRC Sold Snickers

Here’s what would happen if HMRC sold Snickers bars – and you got one without nuts. When I was being investigated by HMRC it took me years to work out that these were not normal [...]

Getting The Right Tax Investigation Help

Expert tax investigation advice starts at around £100 per hour and rockets up to £200 per hour very quickly. If you’ve got the money it’s worth going for because dealing with HMRC [...]

David Mitchell – “People Who Avoid Paying Taxes” (The Last Leg)

David Mitchell  just about nails it here. We have a bad system. And one that is simply not working. There isn’t enough tax coming in to pay for what we need: hospitals, the army, [...]

Help me to help you

It’s been four months since my last post. The book I’ve been walking on about complaining to HMRC has fallen into a deep hiatus. Why? Mostly my other work has elbowed in. Every day [...]

Success Story: Correcting HMRC Errors

Solving problems by going to the top and using email I’ll start with a cautionary note, this method is often an effective way of getting quick results BUT it has to be a simple problem with [...]