David Mitchell – “People Who Avoid Paying Taxes” (David Mitchell on The Last Leg)

David Mitchell  just about nails it here. We have a bad system. And one that is simply not working. I mean if it worked you’d shrug your shoulders and go, “Well it’s an [...]


Help me to help you

It’s been four months since my last post. The book I’ve been walking on about complaining to HMRC has fallen into a deep hiatus. Why? Mostly my other work has elbowed in. Every day [...]


Success Story: Correcting HMRC Errors

Solving problems by going to the top and using email I’ll start with a cautionary note, this method is often an effective way of getting quick results BUT it has to be a simple problem with [...]

Tax Hell arrives on Wikipedia


The dangers of informal talks with HMRC

The Danngers of informal talks with HMRC HMRC like to fish, even when there is no known case to be made, but this is wrong: HMRC’s Compliance Handbook at CH23560 also recognises that: “Reason to [...]