It’s been four months since my last post. The book I’ve been walking on about complaining to HMRC has fallen into a deep hiatus.


Mostly my other work has elbowed in. Every day last week I finished work at 2am – just to hit deadlines.

In short I need to generate more cash from Tax Hell. I was set up to help people – which I still want obviously – but for the project to grow and become more influential it’s going to have to generate more cash.

I’ve looked at – which I think is interesting, but my problem (as ever) is that people what to be involved with Tax Hell, but when their investigation comes to an end they are so sick of the whole thing they just want to walk away from it.

If I set up Patreon would anybody back it? Is the answer to write more ebooks? All help gratefully received.

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  • JC

    * I meant to say that ebooks “people get them on necessity”

  • JC

    Ebooks are interesting but i feel like people get them on demand, whereas with a patreon or kickstarter campaign, people donate money to something they believe in… does that help?

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