What HMRC Dont Want You To Know

Ten things HMRC don’t want you to know

Did you know that that one in four of us who phone up HMRC for advice get the wrong information? Or you can see files HMRC hold on you? Here are the things HMRC doesn't want you to know.

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Everything You Wanted To Know About

Everything You Wanted To Know About A Tax Investigation But Were Too Afraid To Ask

You'd pay a tax specialist well over £1,000 for this information, it's yours today for just £10.

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They Lie

Dirty tricks HMRC use in investigations

HMRC want to drive down your expenses and push up your income - they won't mind bending a few rules to get a result. Here are 10 common tactics used by HMRC everyday in tax investigations.

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Hmrc Snooping Methods

HMRC’s snooping methods

From browsing Facebook profiles, to noting careless talk in the pub or talking to bitter ex-partners, HM Revenue & Customs are watching and listening. If you've underpayed tax they'll want it.

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What is a tax investigation? Why was I picked for an investigation? Do the innocent have nothing to fear? Do I need good representation? How do I find a good representation? What will it cost? All these questions answered and more.

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Compliance Checks Decoded

When you are the subject of a HMRC tax investigation you should be sent a four page ‘factsheet’ called General Information About Compliance Checks. It's vital you understand what this says and what it really means.

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National Media

Select articles written by the Tax Hell team that have appeard in, among other papers the Daily Mail and Sunday Times.

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