You can email the HMRC bosses

HMRC don’t like using email and don’t publish individual email address on their headed paper, indeed finding out their first names can be a tricky business!

Since The Sunday Times article (Internet war declared on ‘bullying’ taxman) there has been a lot of interest in how to contact HMRC using mailing lists.

The article – I felt – made me sound a bit fanatical, like I spent day after day after day emailing HMRC, when all you need to do is create a list and – bang – you can email thousands of people in a heartbeat.

Email: once you know the full name of the individual it’s straightforward to work out the email address: its normally so Permanent Secretary for Tax, Lin Homer, can be mailed as

You can get the directors’ names here.

FAX: I haven’t used fax numbers, but if you have the software, the time to load all the numbers into a logging programme and free calls after 6pm I’m sure it would be an effective way of letting HMRC officers know about injustice within their profession. You can download HMRC fax numbers in an xls document here.

Since The Sunday Times article (Internet war declared on ‘bullying’ taxman) there has been a lot of interest in how to contact HMRC using mailing lists.

The article – I felt – made me sound a bit fanatical, like I spent day after day after day emailing HMRC, when all you need to do is create a list and – bang – you can email a whole list of people in a heartbeat.

Here is the list I’ve used, if you can add to it do let me know through the contact page.



  1. RosieRosie03-27-2015

    They have taken me to hell and back, charged me for two company cars, deducted tax which was eight years old, refused to give me higher level pension relief, sent me £3,300+ of charges for failed returns hey never asked me to complete – I was on the cusp of a nervous breakdown. After four years of correspondence, emails, tears and general hell, lost correspondence and lies from HMRC, the Adjudicator awarded me £255. I am appealing this to the PHSO – but on my life, I have never known a bigger bunch of incompetents than the revenue.Didn’t even cover my phone calls and postage, let alone my time.

  2. AnonymousAnonymous03-16-2015

    It is 5 years but because of how the tax year falls you end up keeping records for they year befor year 1 and the year after year 5 = 7 years worth of book keeping that needs to be kept. HMRC is not a machine. Its full of human error. It’s the way they ignore the populus, treat them with discontent, behave holier than though towards us all becasue they are in posistions of power. they are not always right. imagine how many loopholes there are for them to use and abuse against us. the biggest loophole is that their system that they have weekly training about, is far too complicated for us to understand and therefore we are at an immediate disadvantage.

  3. AnonymousAnonymous11-04-2014

    Work the system..

  4. AnonymousAnonymous10-07-2014

    Thank you so much to the author of this article – it’s an absolute life-saver!

  5. I’m trying to sort out a supposed tax credit overpayment and despite writing recorded delivery to appeal, this has gone unacknowledged, I am being pursued by HMRC’s Debt Management and banking. The address at the top only has an unrecognised postcode and the name above this is Mrs D Roberts. May well be made up like the postcode but just in case it is real wondered how you go about getting people’s first names.

  6. AnonymousAnonymous08-24-2014

    Thanks for this, very handy

  7. Dave TurnerDave Turner05-28-2013

    Best to send to

    as they’re most likely to deal with most things.

    • Love your website – I’m in Australia and having difficulty in contacting HRMC staff – this person sent me a letter saying download a form R27 but website says it’s been superseded but doesn’t say by what. After a couple of hours found your website and sent an email to Ruth Owen direct. Got an acknowledgement reply in an hour or so – fingers crossed that I get the correct info soon

  8. Stuart ElsworthStuart Elsworth04-30-2013

    Cannot believe HMRC! I have just established due to a company takeover and having my original contract reviewed, clearly states that my company vehicle is excluded from any personal use or miles. Yet HMRC have been charging me thousands of pounds per year for the luxury of personal miles! When I contacted them they stated that I can only claim back to 2009, even though I have all the evidence to claim back to 2005!! However, they stated that they can go back further than 4 years if there is evidence that an individual has not been paying enough tax! Talk about a complete sham and scam. One rule for us and one rule for them. Absolutely disgusting! I am seeking legal advice!

    • AnonymousAnonymous09-26-2013

      They can go back upto 7 years.

      • AnonymousAnonymous10-15-2013

        Nope. Not true. Only 4. Always had been

        • carlcarl11-20-2013

          Not according to the accounts they want from me from 2006 ?
          Served with a CCJ for paying my tax at source (20 %0 but not claiming anything back , then fast tracking it thru the court despite receiving ‘acknowledgement of service’ AND ‘challenge’ before the allocated times to reply …

        • AnonymousAnonymous05-07-2014

          they can go back 7 years which is the length of time you are meant to keep your records for.

          also if they suspect that a company has done something illegal can go back further than this (up to 20 years)

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