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Can prostitution contribute £5.3bn to UK GDP?


That’s the figure the Office of National Statistics (ONS) came up with when asked by the EU to estimate how much prostitution contributes to the UK’s GDP. But it seems rather high, will it hold water? In a pithy post in the figures are quickly torn apart. Here’s the bottom line… “If 60,879 prostitutes really are generating £5,314,000,000 of …

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Who pays what tax and is it right if it’s legal?

Russell Brand

Clearly tax is going to be a big issue, what with an election around the corner. Here Russell Brand gives us his point of view.

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Punish the tax avoidance advisers, demands Hodge


Professionals who design, promote or advise on tax avoidance schemes should face the same criminal sanctions as their clients if they are found to break the rules, the head of the public accounts committee has said. Margaret Hodge said lawyers, accountants and other advisers engaged in the “grubby industry” of dodging tax currently faced no sanction if their schemes were …

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What we want


I’ve started making a charter which is like saying ‘this is a list of what we want’. With a name like Tax Hell you’d have thought these would be really radical demands, but they are… well…….  read them by clicking here and see what you think. Want to propose something for the charter? Just fill out the box below.

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How many years can HMRC go back?

HMRC Go Back

This is one of the most common FAQs I get, so it’s posted in the FAQ section, and it’s also below: If HMRC have found significant errors – these could be for relatively small amounts of money – they can open up earlier years for examination. It starts at four years, then if they can prove your errors are careless …

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More great feedback for the ebook


Always great to have feedback. Thank you Nick. Found the ebook really helpful. Thanks for writing it. Perhaps I could come back to you re: tax expert free consultation*? The answer of course is, “Yes any-time”. *Consultation free with the ebook, nominal fee of £10 in the shop.

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