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Justice costs – charge for Tribunal appeals


The government has proposed introducing fees for individuals appealing decisions to the tax tribunal as part of broader reforms to civil court funding. As per the FT: “The government is effectively selling justice by saying that you need to pay for the courts,” said Jonathan Smithers, the Law Society’s president. To fight charges levied by one branch of government, you …

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Victory for our readers: HMRC backs down in £70k PAYE dispute


We help people sort out their problems with HMRC, here is just one story, we help thousands of people every year. After starting his job as a manager in a department store Simon* was surprised when his first payslip showed no tax had been taken away. His employers told him he was self-employed, Simon did not agree. Simon did NOT …

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Am I trading on ebay? The black, the white and the grey


A few people have emailed me recently asking if HMRC will view them as eBay traders, here’s what you need to know. Like most things with HMRC there is the black, the white and the grey. In the black are the people who move on a few unwanted birthday presents or want to get rid of their junk. That’s easy, …

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Do you know any HMRC compensation stories?


I’m doing some research for a book about how to get compensation from HMRC when things go wrong. Many people wait until the end of the investigation and then apply to the Adjudicator – but the vast majority of claims are dealt with much earlier in the investigation. I’m looking for good claims stories / case studies. If you know …

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