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Understanding HMRC’s Peanalty Factsheet


The HMRC factsheet, “Penalties for inaccuracies in returns and documents” is issued when HMRC believes a penalty is likely to be due. The document is full of crucial information – most of which is buried in the text. Here’s a typical Q & A which is taken from the new ebook, Penalties for inaccuracies in returns and documents DECODED. Penalties …

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HMRC asking for infomation they are not entitled to

HMRC Fishing

What can HMRC ask to see? is a question I’m frequently asked. The answer is not a simple one; under FA 2008, Sch 36, para 1 the HMRC officer can as for anything that is ‘reasonable required’ for the investigation. Now your idea of what is ‘reasonable’ will be different from what HMRC thinks is ‘reasonable’. Generally – for example …

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When it’s right to name and shame HMRC


When I was investigated by HMRC I broke one of the golden rules. I named the investigators. I got a of flack for this from both HMRC and tax professionals. “What right did have I to name an individual who was just doing her job?” Was what I got a lot of. My answer was:  every right, when that person …

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Can you leave me a review please?


There are three things that I love about Tax Hell Socking it to a bully I really don’t like bullies and standing up to them makes me feel warm inside. Helping people My back has been against the wall and helping others in a similar position is deep-down feelgood for me. Selling ebooks My email pings and somebody has bought …

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